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Paper Shredders -- Shredder Usage Chart



Cut Type
Cut type helps determine the level of document security.

High Security-Evaluated by NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for high-security cross-cut paper shredders. Shredded pieces measure 1/25" by 1/5".

Confetti Cut-Provides high security by producing small confetti pieces that typically measure 5/32" wide by 1" to 2" long.

Strip Cut-One direction shredding action produces strip that are typically 1/4" wide.

Sheet Capacity
Number of sheets that can be fed into a shredder in one pass. This value is calculated using 8 ½ x 11", 20 lb. paper.

Speed (FPM)
The average speed at which paper is fed through the shredder, measured in feet per minute.

Continuous Run Time
The recommended time a shredder can be used (at capacity) before the Thermal Overload Protection is activated. The shredder will then enter a cooling-down period or off cycle (this is normal).

Feature that allows shredder to run in reverse to help clear a jam.

Turbo Jam Release Button
This button boosts power to the motor to help clear jams by pushing the jammed paper through the cutters. This is a fast and easy way to clear a paper jam.

Paper Shredder Lubrication - Proper Maintenance for Your Shredder - How To Oil Your Shredder
Paper shredders, as with all electromechanical equipment, will not operate efficiently unless they are properly maintained. Periodic oiling is necessary to allow the shredder to operate at maximum efficiency. Frequency of oiling will vary greatly with the volume of use and the shred size. A shredder with a 1/4" shred width used only 1 to 2 hours per week will only require a weekly oiling. A crosscut shredder, however, should be oiled every 1/2 hour of shredding time.

The procedure for oiling a shredding machine is very simple and can be done by any operator. The oil is packaged in a squeeze bottle and is applied directly onto the cutting head in a fine stream.  This is done through the paper entry throat.  Take 1-2 seconds to oil from one side of the opening to the other.  Turn the machine in reverse for about 10-15 seconds to allow the oil to transfer to all parts of the cutting head.  The final step is to shred a few sheets of paper to remove any excess oil.

Shredder oil is the only lubricant which should be used on your shredder.  Shredder oil is of special formulation which leaves no residue on the cutters.  Other oils will attract paper dust and in turn clog the cutting head.

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