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CPS Extended Warranties was created to offer you "Brand New" and "Factory Refurbished" name brand original equipment at unbelievable savings without compromising on quality. At RefurbExpress you can purchase "Brand New" products shiped directly from the manufacturer. All brand new products are factory sealed, and come with the full manufacturers warranty. We also offer "Factory Refurbished" for a variey of products from our large assortment of office categories.

Why buy "new" when you can get the same equipment factory refurbished, while enjoying up to 80% savings. Manufacturers are extremely confident with respect to their refurbished products, and offer the same original manufactures warranty from 90 days to 2 years (IBM typewriters come with a 90 day internal RefurbExpress full warranty). Statistics state that consumers who have already purchased a factory refurbished item will rarely buy "new" again. So why not become a smart shopper?!

Please note: we also offer thousands of "Brand New" quality name brand consumer electronic products at heavily discounted prices. So if you prefer New, or you understand the value of Factory Refurbished, we have the products for you.

 Refurbished Models Are As Good As New

Here are some frequently asked questions and statistics:

Q: What is considered factory refurbished?
A: There are lots of things that can label items factory refurbished. Most are frivolous and of no consequence. But because consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything considered factory refurbished as "new", the second consumer gets the best deal.

Here are a few examples:

    • Most major retail superstores offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their products and there are those consumers that just simply take advantage of that. Simply stated the item is returned, or the box was opened and the product was never used. These items are returned to the manufacturer, inspected and repackaged like new.
    • Items where the box or casing was damaged in shipment which are returned to the manufacturer.
    • The item was returned to the manufacturer because of a slight defect. The part that was defective was replaced by the manufacturer, tested and then repackaged just like new.
    • The item was returned because of a minor cosmetic blemish on the casing that was corrected.
    • Demonstration units are also considered factory refurbished. These units are inspected, tested and repackaged. These units meet all cosmetic and functionality specifications of new goods.
    • The box was simply opened. That’s it!
    • Brand new overstocked items are also labeled factory refurbished.

All units that are factory refurbished are inspected & serviced by the manufacturer. They are then tested and repackaged to meet original product specifications. All merchandise is warranted by the original manufacturer unless otherwise specified.

Q: Why should I buy refurbished equipment?
A: Refurbs save cash! Why hesitate getting the best value by getting the exact same equipment, with original manufacturers warranty at a much lower price:

    • If you couldn’t afford that expensive item, "NOW" you can, with a factory refurb. As promised you still get the same performance & warranty.
    • Refurbished items have a much lower defective rate. From the majority of units that come back for repair only a small percentage of these are factory refurbished. This is due to the fact that each refurbished unit is being individually tested by the manufacturers factory before they are sold.

All the benefits of buying a refurbished product are the same as new. Even the warranty provided by the manufacturer is identical to all new goods sold.  The only variance you might notice is a little label on the outside of the box, or simply a two color art or brown box – So, think again, Are you shopping smart?

Brother Internationals own statements concerning their Refurbs.

Refurbished Product Policy 

When purchasing a factory refurbished product from Brother, be confident that you are receiving a product that meets Brother quality assurance standards. Products returned to our warehouse are often unopened surplus. The products categorized as opened are inspected, tested, and repackaged for resale.

All of our refurbished products carry the same limited warranty that is offered with a new machine. For more information on our Warranty, please refer to the specification tab of the individual product.

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